Small World Realms []

I’m been really happy to get a preview/review copy of the new Small World expansion since I’m a fan of these game and I’m used to play it often both in family (with my daughter) or at Club TreEmme (my association).

Small World Realms is an expansion that go in a different direction from the last releases. The mean idea around Small World was about a world with many difference races fighting for the supremacy. Every game was different because the races are different: adding new races and powers means news combination and possibility and new games.

This time Days of Wonder decided to try to change the world itself offering a set of pre-made big “hexes” (actually not real regular hexes) with 3 terrains each that you can combine in different way to create news maps and scenarios. The hexes are double faced with normal terrains on one side and underground terrains on the other one.

Small Worls Realms include 12 pre-made scenarios and rules/hints to create your own maps/scenarios. Of course I’m not been able to play and test all the scenarios with all the possible number of players so this will be a preview of what I was able to play until now and the overall impression about the product.

First of all what is in the box ?

26 two-face geomorphic hex-shaped terrain tiles that are the core part of the pack. Nice idea not to include mountains in the terrains displayed but use 12 tiles you can overlap. Every terrain tile display sea and from 1 to 3 regions. Of course caves, mines and magic areas are displayed on some regions. To make simpler the building of the scenario every hex is marked with a different letter.

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