Essen Preview #33: HEROICA Ilrion and The Hobbit (LEGO Games)

Essen Preview #33: HEROICA Ilrion and The Hobbit (LEGO Games)

13 Ottobre 2012 0

I’m continuing in this previews of games that will be released at Essen or close to Essen. I’m not sure if LEGO will attend the spiel this year but I’m sure there are two new LEGO Games in the market: HEROICA Ilrion and The Hobbit: an unexpected journey.

As most of you already know LEGO is releasing sets related to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit licenses and one of this set is a new LEGO Game.

HEROICA: Ilrion, on the other hand, is the 5th chapter, in the HEROICA saga.

Since I’m working as consultant from LEGO Italia from September 2010 I have got both games as soon as it was possible and here is my impressions. For Italian speaking people there are already the two video tutorials available on


Designer: Nicolas Assenbrunner, Cephas Howard
Publisher: LEGO
Players: 2-3
Age: 8+
Time: 20 minutes

Review by Andrea “Liga” Ligabue

After the conquest of Castle Fortaan and the liberation of the Kingdom of Ennon, the Wizard and the Barbarian discovered that the King of Ennon was not there: the Vampire Lord kidnapped him and imprisoned in his dungeon. While the Barbarian travel to the North toward the Barresh Settlements, the Wizard with the help of the young Prince and the Sage rush into the dungeon to free the King!

HEROICA Ilrion has the same base rules of all the HEROICA sets. During your turn you roll the LEGO Dice and move. If you enter a space close to a monster you have to stop and fight, rolling again the LEGO Dice. If you end on a space with a special object you triggers something. The simplest Dungeon Crawling in the market: the first step in the world of adventures for kids.

In this new set there are two new characters: the Sage and the Prince. Both with special ability related to movement: the Prince getting the HEROICA Shield can move two spaces and kill a monster adiacent to him. The Sage rolling the Shield instead of moving can take an object 4 or less spaces away. The 3rd character is the dear old Wizard.

The new enemies are The Vampire Lord (strenght 3), the Zombies (strenght 2) and the Giant Bats (strenght 1). The bats will not start in the map but could appear exploring the coffins in the map, getting the skull with the dice.

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