Essen Preview #32: Tahiti and War of the Ring: Lords of Middle Earth Rules Preview

Essen Preview #32: Tahiti and War of the Ring: Lords of Middle Earth Rules Preview

12 Ottobre 2012 0

I know that we are all in the Essen frenzy, trying to read rules, previews, reviews, press-release in the desperate need to understand how to best spend our time and money in Essen with the (sadly) absolute certainty to not be able to go back with everything we want, the (sadly) awareness will be back home with much more inutility than needed and with the fear to miss the game all other gamers will have and talk about in the next weeks.

People not attending Essen can live this day with a big amount of ill-concealed envy and much less stress.

Here my quick impressions, just reading the rules, of some games: hoping it could help other gamers in their choices.

To optimize the time here the list of the games I’m talking about in this article: so you can just go beyond if not interested:

Tahiti from Minion Games
War of the Ring: Lord of Middle Earth from Ares Games


Designer: Davide E. Witcher
Publisher: Minion Games
Players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Times: 60 minutes

Rules preview by Andrea “Liga” Ligabue

It looks a nice and quick german style game with a nice graphics and some interesting idea. You will move your canoe on the islands around the home island collecting goods and fishing. In the end you will score both for the variety and quantity of goods collected.

The main mechanic of the game is that your canoa can load a maximum of 5 goods but carrying more than 2 will reduce your actions from the starting 4 back until 1. The second concept is that you can carry as many goods as you want of a single kind or just one good of each kind. It looks like the main decision in the game will be how and when load your canoa and which goods pick-up.

The map is made of hex tiles with waters or islands: islands will have 2 goods each. There are also reefs on two sided of each hex: crossing a reef could make you loose a good. Finally there is a special good type, fish, that is not taken from the island but spending an action fishing.

The turn sequence is easy and quick: add a new hex to the mapboard, add new goods to the table, take your actions and deplete an island (only when all the hex are been put in play).

In the action phase you can pick-up goods, move your canoe, go fishing or deliver goods in home island.

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