Cosa Bolle in Pentola ? #2 – Roberto di Meglio

2 Dicembre 2005 0

Hi all

here again with my second interview. This time I’m going to interview Roberto di Meglio that is both a designer (War of the Ring) and a publisher (Nexus Games). Roberto is also a long time gamer involved in several games projects from late in the’90… I remember you, fro last time, that Cosa Bolle in Pentola literally is what is boiling in the pot and means something like what are you preparing far away from everyone eyes

[Liga]: Hi Roberto! Please give us a short introduction about yourself …

[Roberto] I am currently the C.E.O. of Nexus Editrice and I have been in the gaming industry for too long (since 1991) being involved with almost all aspects of game publishing and related activities (magazines, distribution and so on). As an author I have a very small curriculum, mostly of small games published in our magazines, except for War of the Ring of course!
I am also the proud father of two children, Beatrice (born 1997) and Robin (born 2000).

[Liga]: and so, Cosa Bolle in Pentola ?

[Roberto] We have more ideas than we can produce (as it happens both to publishers and authors, and the combination of trying to be both does not help!) so there are lot of things brewing here! As an author, I am working in the design team of Marvel Heroes together with Marco Maggi andFrancesco Nepitello , but I also have a couple of more personal project which may be will see the light in a more far future. Nexus as a very interesting schedule for 2006, including Marvel Heroes, anew incarnation of X-Bugs/Micro Mutant, a Napoleonic boardgame with figures, the World War 2 series of Wings of War, a ‘deluxe edition’ of Wings of War with model planes, and may be more if we have enough energies!

[Liga] and your projects for the future ?

[Roberto] For the future, I would really like to see Nexus progressing as an international company. Our first efforts in this direction have been exceptionally well-received. I don’t think I will be able to do much as an author (running the company takes away too much of my energies, and I also have a wife and kids to take care of!), but I hope to publish a few more games as well. I have a fewgames’in my drawers’ as most would-be authors, and being a publisher does not make much easier to publish them than for any other author: I can only publish a game if it’s good!

[Liga] the last question now … the 10 games you like to play most

[Roberto] Well, in no particular order: Lord of the Rings CCG, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Citadels, Grass, Colossal Arena, History of the World, Axis & Allies, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, most traditional card games (can I put them together as one?)… and War of the Ring, of course!
If you notice that several of these games are published by Nexus, at least in Italy… that’s not exactly a coincidence!

[Liga] thank you very much Roberto! Good luck, both as designer and publisher! … and, obviously, Good Play!

Next week I’ll go to interview Mario Papini

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