Is it a Bargain or Junk ?

3 Novembre 2010 0

I’m been used, during my childhood, to play a lot of classical card games in my family, like Scopa, Tresette or Briscola (Trump).

Nowadays I prefer to play deeper board and card games with themes and bits but I’m been intrigued by Bargain Hunter for several reason.

First of all is an Uwe Rosemberg design and I really like his design: Le Havre and Agricola are in my hall of fame and I also like a lot Bohnanza.

Second I like the theme since my father in law is used to attend local street markets and his house is really full of junks (and trash!).

The deck is made of 108 item cards in 6 colors. Each item is numbered from 1 to 9 and appears twice in each color. There are also 2 irresistible offers cards. The game is played in round: the exact number of round change according to the number of players. Every round 8 cards are dealed to each player.

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