The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #5 – Michael Schacht

4 Aprile 2011 0

Today I have had the opportunity to interview Michael Schacht, one of the big names in the games world with more than 100 games designed. Michael, like Knizia and Colovini, is part of the “german style” school and the mechanics, more than the theme, are his principal focus: “short rules but maximum of gameplay” is a common “sign” in his designs. Michael is really great in developing gateway games (like the SDJ winner Zooloretto) and he always aims to “make the game as easy as possibe without losing the fun“. Now we can start with the interview…

[Liga] Hi Michael, it is really nice to have the possibility to interview you for Opinionated Gamers. Like Emiliano Sciarra wrote in the book “L’Arte del Gioco” (The Art of Game), designing a game is a form of art not less than writing books or directing movies. The ambitious aim of this series of interviews is to point out the “style” of each designers, going through his production, trying to find a sort of personal “sign”.
You designed more than 100 games starting from 1992 and you are still an active artist with several titles scheduled for 2011. Of course most of gamers will know you for the fantastic Coloretto – Zooloretto series but is there any game you are particularly proud of?

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