The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #3 – Angelo Porazzi

26 Febbraio 2011 0

Here I am with the 3rd interview in my series “The Art of Design”. After Colovini (German Style) and Angiolino (Italian Style), today I am here with Angelo Porazzi, a good representative of American Style and one of the greatest Italian self-publishers. Actually, as you will discover during the interview, Angelo is really something more than a simple self-publishers and “The Art of Design” really make sense talking about his production. Angelo is also a good friend and the 1st designer I have interviewed in my old BGN series “Cosa Bolle in Pentola?” Since Angelo is also a professional illustrator, he told us about the signature of his games: “[I] think is given mostly from my illustrations, from my artwork” and also Angelo says he like “simple, interactive, games that may put together a family, a classroom, a group of friends in a funny and intelligent way”.

[Liga] Dear Angelo, here I am with an interview about your designing style. I would like to talk with you about it looking through the list of your published games. From Warangel, one of my favorite games ever, published in 1996, to the upcoming Assist are more than 14 years of production. In the gamers community you developed your reputation with Warangel, a light-wargame with endless races. But there is a game, in your production, you are particularly proud of? Why?

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