Gamers Alliance Report Fall 2010 Issue: At the Gates of Loyang

15 Ottobre 2010 0

After the release of two International Game Award winners like Agricola (2008) and Le Havre (2009), I must admit I was really excited about the new Uwe Rosenberg game, At the Gates of Loyang. I was aware it was an old project, before Agricola, revised and published, and I was also aware it was almost impossible to equal the success of Agricola (2nd place on Boardgamegeek and featured in the Winter 2008 GA Report)) and Le Havre (6th place on BGG and reviewed in the Winter 2009 GA Report) and, for me, Rosenberg’s best! Anyway, it was a Rosenberg title and it was about trade with the usual amount of different goods (of course including beans!) and a nice market mechanic but …

You can read the full review on Gamers Alliance Report Fall 2010 Issue

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