Game of the Week: Crash Tackle

1 Agosto 2011 0

Starting from today I’ll try to post every monday one game, in the games I’m reciving for reviews or I’0m buying, as Game of the Week. I’ll give a link to the game (on e/o su and a shor description/comment.

If I’m been able to play the game enough I’ll give also a vote … but not always

I’ll try to focus on new releases but it will be not always true since sometimes I’m also buying/getting old glories.

Crash Tackle

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Probably the best Rugby Simulation ever. A simple mechenic but able to recreate the feeling of a rugby match … and I have played rugby for 20 years!

After learn the rules the game can be played in about 2 hours. The rules are still developed and the complexity is actually not in the game rules but in the rugby rules.