L’Arte dell’inventare giochi: Sebastien Pauchon

10 Novembre 2011 0

Questa è la 13 intervista per la serie l’Arte dell’Inventare Giochi: Interviste agli autori di giochi, che sto realizzando per il sito OpinionatedGamers.com

Presto le interviste, in Italiano, saranno pubblicate su questo sito, a partire dalla prima fatta a Leo Colovini.

Leggi l’intervista completa su Opinionated GamersHere I’m again after the Essen madness with my series of interviews to game designers. In the last two interviews I’m gone to catch two designers really atypical. Friedeman Friese, a German designer that is trying to combine his passion for Ameritrash and Euro mechanics and Ignacy Trzewiczek from Poland.

Sebastièn Pauchon is a Swiss designer and, at least geographically, collocated close to both German and French. Talking about his games Sebastièn says “I guess they are more “German games” than anything else, maybe because as stated I start with the mechanics…” and than again “Nah, I honestly think my games are German all the way“. Actually the only French reminescence is in the look and in the artworks.

So, Sebastièn looks like a real German designer with strong interest in the developing of the mechanics.

Asking if the designing games could be considerated a form of art Sebastièn said me “The real question is why wouldn’t it be considered as a sort of art? What makes it so different from writing a song or a book? I don’t see much difference, so yes I guess it could be defined as an art.”. I agree with him!

We can start with the interivew:

[Liga] Dear Sebastien, with this series of interviews I’m trying to explore the world of game designers with the idea that designing games is a form of art, no more ore less than writing books or casting movies. What we try to do together is, looking through your production, to find your style, your special sign … common traits in your games.
You are a “young” designer, so it could be strange I’m going to interview you for this series but I think your design have a “strong” style and personality, so it could be interesting to talk with you. Also you have worked together with Bruno Cathala, but I’m not so sure you can be identified as one of the members of the so called “french school”.
According to BGG you have so far designed something close to 10 games, in 5 years of production, starting from Yspahan, 2006 release, ranked 160 in BGG with a SDJ nomination in 2006. Also Jaipur, I game I really love, got some attention with the IGA nomination last year.
Do you think Yspahan is your best design or is there any game you are particularly proud of and why?

Read the full interview on Opinionated Gamers web site

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