24 Marzo 2011

The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #4 – Martin Wallace

Here I am again with “The Art of Design”. Today, I’m managed to catch Martin Wallace, one of the most prolific game designers in the last years with a truly excellent portfolio – including award winners like Age of Industry and Age of Steam. Martin’s games are well known not only for good mechanics but also for a strong connection with the theme. Martin says “the challenge of designing a game is how to capture some of the feel of the theme” and also “I try to match the mechanisms with the theme“. I think this could really give us an idea of Martin’s “sign”. We can start the interview now…

10 Novembre 2010

Online il #9 di ILSA – Speciale su Martin Wallace

E’ online il numero #9 di ILSA Magazine-

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In questo numero:

Valore aggiunto
di Fabio “fab!o” Cambiaghi

Steel driver, connessioni o consegne?
di Fabio “fab!o” Cambiaghi e Mauro MDM Di Marco

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