29 Ottobre 2018

Father in the Messe 2018

                          Ecco il mio consueto resoconto del viaggio ad Essen con i mie bambini. Quest’anno, per la prima volta negli ultimi 8 anni, senza Caterina. Resoconto primo giorno Resoconto secondo e terzo giorno e conclusioni

18 Ottobre 2012

Father in the Messe: Day 0

Ecco il racconto delle mie avventure alla fiera di Essen assieme a Caterina. Gli articoli sono in inglese e quidni dovrete accedere alla versione inglese del sito per poterli leggereHere i start a series of articles published on Opinionatedgamers.com about the experience with my daughter Caterina at Essen Spiele 2012

Father in the Messe: Day 0

Here again with my Father in the Messe story: my special report about being in Essen with a kid (actually a 11 years old daughter).

Me and Caterina finally arrived in Essen. Too late to play something or to access the fair for the wednesday show … just the time to eat something at Istra Restourant (really close to the Jung hotel where we are lodged) and than ready to sleep.

(here Caterina really tired and hungry @ Istra Restourant)

The main room at Jung was, as usual, full of peoples: a quick survey, when it was still not too muc crowled, just to say hallo to my friend Mik Svellov and see some one setting up Keyflowers (I’ll take a copy tomorrow from Richard ) and the new Wallace‘s games on a table.
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