The Manhattan Project [Opinionated Gamers]

It is not so easy to find a small publisher able to release more than 1-2 games in a year. It is much more difficult if 3 of these are really new releases and it becomes extremely rare to have all these releases at good level. It is rare but not impossible because, according to my tastes, Minion Games 2011 has been an impressive year.

Apart from the nice new edition of Nile Deluxor, that I have reviewed here months ago, and the solid little Kingdom of Solomon, Greg described in his review, other two titles hit my table and impressed me positive: Venture Forth (I’m going to review in the next weeks) and the largely attended The Manhattan Project that monopolized my gaming sessions since his arrive.

Today I’m going to review Manhattan Project, the just released first work from Brandon Tibbetts.

The Manhattan Project live in the huge family of worker-placement games but has some really good twist that make it fresh and new, starting from the unstructured way to place and retrieve laborers on the map … but we have to start from the beginning.

“A revolutionary new technology has been discovered. Immediately, every major military power recognizes its destructive potential. Can your nation take the lead in this new arms race and become the world’s dominant superpower ?

In The Manhattan Project, you are the leader of a great nation’s atomic weapons program in a deadly race to build bigger and better bombs.”

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