The Art of Design: Interview to game designers #2 – Andrea Angiolino

18 Febbraio 2011 0

Here is another interview about The Art of Design. Today I’m going to interview Andrea Angiolino, another of Italy’s big names. Looking on BGG, he has more than 40 games published starting from 1985 but, of course, Andrea is best known for his Wings of War series.

Angiolino told us “I love simplicity, clean games with steamlined mechanics that at the same time are very consistent with setting and chrome” — something we can call “The Italian Style”, that is between German and American games. Inside the “school” Andrea aims to use mechanics with “hidden complexity“. Let’s go!

[Liga] Dear Andrea, Here I am with an interview about your designing style. I would like to talk with you about it looking through your long list of published games. From a 1985 design (Cacciatori di Viverne) to Isla Dorada, published this year with Faidutti and Moon, BGG lists more than 40 games, including expansions: more than 25 years of games. I think you are in a good position to tell us something about the games market.

In the gamers community you got most of your reputation with the Wings of War series. But is there is a game that you are particulary proud of? Why?

Read the full interview on Opinionated Gamers Web site

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