Hexemonia: anteprima e qualche domanda all’autore

Hexemonia: anteprima e qualche domanda all’autore

13 Agosto 2014 0

L’esagono torna di moda, almeno tra gli autori Italiani: Hyperborea, GodZ e ora anche Hexemonia. Con le regole sotto mano e con l’aiuto dell’autore, Fabio Attoli, e dell’editore Andrea Vigiak, ecco a voi un’anteprima del primo gioco della Pendragon Games Sudio.

Once upon a time there was hexes: every game with the ambition to be something more than just Ladder & Snakes has to have hexes. Than started the “German Revolution” but games like Settlers, Kings & Things, Keythedral and Twilight Imperium show us how hexes – big hexes – can be used successfully not only in simulation/wargames. Now big-hexes are again “a la mode”, at least in the entourage of Italian designers, if you think excellent recent games like GodZ or Hyperborea.

No surprise if a new publishers and an almost novice designer decided to offer a real tribute to the hexes with Hexemonia release, an hex-based game settled during the era of the mighty Greek’s City State, somewhere between the 8th and 6th Centuries BC.

The full preview on Opinionatedgamers.com

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