Father in the Messe: the day after

22 Ottobre 2012 0

Hi all,

me and Caterina are back home safe. Was a great Essen 2012. Of course we are been able to only scratch the surface of the iceberg of the Essen release and we have still a lot to play.

Tomorrow we will publish our Essen top 10.

I have also edited the past articles adding titles and making some small editing (but don’t worry, they are still wrote in Ligish and not in real current English!)

Father in the Messe Day 1
Father in the Messe Day 2
Father in the Messe Day 3

Despite the fact I write about games for Fantascienza.com, the Italian greatest portal and web-site about sci-fiction (here my preview article of Essen sci-fiction releases) I wasn’t able to play any sci-fi games during the Spiele because Caterina really likes Fantasy but she is not interested in sci-fi … too bad!

Here the list of the Essen games we have bring back at home.

Air King
Al Rashid
Ark & Noah
Card City
Central Market
Costruction Building
Dungeon Lords Festival Season
Fairy Land
Food Chain
Jungle Brunch
La Loire
Libertalia *
Out of Gears
Potion-Making: Practice + 2 exp
Robinson Crosue
Rumble in the Dungeon
PHantom League: Captains *
Samurai Sword
Seasons *
Shadows over Camelot: the Card game
Sheepland *
Swordfish *
Tea Time
The Convoy

(* games I got before Essen)

and I have already pre-ordered some interesting title already announced with Italian editions like Ginkgopolis or Suburbia.

I have decided that is much more better for me to grab in Essen just the minimum needed to satisfy my compulsive obsession and than order from home what I really need.

Good play and we will be back tomoorrow with our Essen top 10
Liga and Caterina

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