The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #11 – Ignacy Trzewiczek

13 Ottobre 2011 1

Here my new post for The Art of Design series. This time I’m gone to interview Ignacy Trzewiczek. He is not yet a long-time designer like others I have interviewed before but he is one of the rapresentative of the new schools are coming from east europe and also a designer with a strong personal style and some innovative ideas. “It takes few months of gathering pictures, ideas and emotions.” told me Ignacy talking about the design process and also “In a future, I’d love to be known as this guy who makes games so strong and deep connected with theme.” … great! Here the interview:

[Liga] Dear Ignacy, I’m really happy to have the possibility to interview you for Opinionated Gamers Web site. Assuming that designing games is a form of art, no more or less than writing books or casting movies, we will try to find out Ignacy Trzewiczek style, going through your production. Assuming what BGG display, you designed more than 10 games/expansions starting from 2002 but you got the international attention with Stronghold, in 2009 and, before that, publishing with Portal Neuroshima Hex back in 2006. A real great score for something less than 10 years of career. Last year release, 51st State, was really well accepted and also Pret-a-Porter, that this year will get and English edition. Many different games: is there in your production a game you are particularly proud of ?

Read the full interview on Opinionated Gmaers web site

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  1. video game graphic Designer job description

    I think video games, anime and manga are not identified as art in Wales, but can it be recognised as art over-all?

    25 Settembre 2012 Reply
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