Loch Ness on Win #416

6 Gennaio 2011 0

ISSUE 416 / NOVEMBER 2010 www.gamesjournal.at

Nessie and the Loch Ness lake are deeply rooted in the common imaginary of everyone. The monster of Lake Loch Ness is probably one of the stars in the dinosaurs series, competing with Godzilla and the T-Rex for the top. Anyway is a bit curious that two games about Loch Ness lake, with the same name “Loch Ness” and a really close interpretation of the theme were published in the same year after years of silence around the monster of the lake.
Loch Ness by Walter Obert, published by Red Glove, is aimed at 2-5 players or, better children, from ages 4 and up. Is it mainly a kid game, with really nice art and easy but not trivial mechanics. It is easy to learn and easy to play but it offers enough choice to be really challenging for kids and not bad for adults too: the kind of game a gamer like to play with his 4-6 years old kids and actually it is the Essen best hit for my 4 year old son.

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