Cosa Bolle in Pentola ? #3 – Mario Papini

9 Dicembre 2005 0

Hi Gamers!

Here I’m for my 3rd appointment with Cosa Bolle in Pentola. For the ones (i hope few, now!) that still don’t know, it means what is boiling in the pot ? and it is all about project for the near future.

For my 3rd interview I’m gone to search Mario Papini.

Mario is quite new in the game show but I think both his games (Siena and Feudo) are really good so I’m very curious to know Cosa bolle in pentola. I was used to talk with Mario briefly during our Conventions becouse he is always so deep involved in playing and explaining his games: it’s nice to have time to talk with him a bit about projects!

[Liga]: Hi Mario, I’m really happy to have the opportunity to interview you. So, please, give us a short introduction about yourself

[Mario]: Hi Liga. So, I’m 52 years old and I’m a film distributor. In 1983 I have designed Casablanca, published by Adica Pongo. Last year Feudo and this year Siena.
Fischmarkt, 3rd at the Premio Archimede [the biggest Italian competition for unpublished games, ndr] last year will be published by Clementoni next year through Vernice Connection.
I have designed many other games for my friends and I hope to continue in the future because this thing make me happy.

[Liga]: Very nice! You just told be something but, Cosa bolle in pentola ?

[Mario]: Obviously the game for the next year! But the title is a secret! I’m quite ahead in the designing: I’m testing it in Italy and soon also outside Italy.

[Liga]: I was hoping something more about that … anyway, projects for the future ?

[Mario]: As soon as I have finished the game fro 2006 I want to start to think about the game for 2007.

[Liga]: And finally, the 10 games you like to play most ?

[Mario]: I’m sorry but usually I have really few time to play other games. I spend all the time thinking and testing my games. I have played few games we my friend of Goblin’s Lair or in Modena during the ModCon. I really enjoyed Keythedral and Prince of Renaissances.

[Liga]: Ok Mario. Thank you for everything and I hope to have the possibility to play-test your next game like I have done for Siena! Good play to all!
Next week I’ll go to interview Andrea Angiolino

© 2005 Andrea Liga Ligabue

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