28 Aprile 2011

Asara Review on Gamers Alliace Report Srping 2011 Issue

I’ve not always been a Ravensburger fan. Several of their recent releases haven’t pleased me so I was not particularly attracted to Asara. On the other hand, sometimes Ravensburger does publish really top-level hits and Asara is, after all, a Wolfgang Kramer-Michael Kiesling design. Kramer and Kiesling are a couple of authors often able to […]

2 Febbraio 2011

7 Wonders on WIN#417

Every year in Essen there is a game that stirs up the world of gamers, throwing them into a sort of spasmodic expectations, sparking curious phenomena of fanatic pre-show frenzy: disproportionate numbers of preorders, a rush to grab the last copy, preview acclaims that „This is the new Puerto Rico“. Often this pre-show madness results […]

6 Gennaio 2011

Loch Ness on Win #416

ISSUE 416 / NOVEMBER 2010 www.gamesjournal.at Nessie and the Loch Ness lake are deeply rooted in the common imaginary of everyone. The monster of Lake Loch Ness is probably one of the stars in the dinosaurs series, competing with Godzilla and the T-Rex for the top. Anyway is a bit curious that two games about […]

29 Dicembre 2010

Nuove recensioni/new reviews

Spedite le recensioni di Dakota per Gamers Alliance Report e 7 Wonders per Win Just sent Dakota for the next Gamers Alliance Report issue and 7 Wonders for the next Win issue.

1 Dicembre 2010

Giochi da Recensirie / Games to Review

La lista di giochi in attesa di essere recensiti si allunga … ma riuscirò a smaltirli tutti! In questi giorni ho ricevuto – Florenza, della Placentia Games – Vinhos, della What’s Your Games ? – Brain Race, dellc Clementoni che si vanno ad aggiungere ai tanti titoli tra cui – Magestorm – Two by Two […]

18 Novembre 2010

Target Earth

Year 2030 AC. Hundreds of flying saucers from Outer Space suddenly surround our planet. The alien invasion has begun. Using coercion, intimidation and terror, and supported by advanced technology, the aliens achieve initial success when several countries succumb and take side with them, convinced of the invaders superiority. The aliens install bases in these countries […]

16 Novembre 2010

Loch Ness review for Win

Just sent the Loch Ness (by Walter Obert published by RedGlove) review to Win. Probably it will be published in the next issue.

15 Ottobre 2010

Gamers Alliance Report Fall 2010 Issue: At the Gates of Loyang

After the release of two International Game Award winners like Agricola (2008) and Le Havre (2009), I must admit I was really excited about the new Uwe Rosenberg game, At the Gates of Loyang. I was aware it was an old project, before Agricola, revised and published, and I was also aware it was almost […]

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