The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #4 – Martin Wallace

24 Marzo 2011 0

Here I am again with “The Art of Design”. Today, I’m managed to catch Martin Wallace, one of the most prolific game designers in the last years with a truly excellent portfolio – including award winners like Age of Industry and Age of Steam. Martin’s games are well known not only for good mechanics but also for a strong connection with the theme. Martin says “the challenge of designing a game is how to capture some of the feel of the theme” and also “I try to match the mechanisms with the theme“. I think this could really give us an idea of Martin’s “sign”. We can start the interview now…

[Liga] Dear Martin. I’m happy to have the possibility to interview you for the Opinionated Gamers blog. I have already interviewed you for ILSA Magazine, but now we are talking about art. I really think designing games is an art and so I think we need some resources (web-site, magazines, …) dedicated to “opinion” and “criticism” about games. Most of our readers will know you really well: your game production is impressive with more than 60 games from 1993 to today. You are close to your 20th year of design, and you are one of the most prolific designers that I know. I’m a Age of Steam fan and it was the game that made me know Martin Wallace — but I also like most of your games. In this huge amount of games Is there a game you are particularly proud of? Why?

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