Mage Knight [Opinionated Gamers]

I’m an avid consumer of fantasy adventure games like Runebound, Talisman or Prophecy and also I’m a real fan of Vlaada Chvatil production, as you can read in my in the interview I have done to him on this pages, so I’m been really excited about Mage Knight and I’m really happy about the final result. If I have to find something wrong in the game is just the length, but it is not really a problem since is nice to spend more than 2 hours playing something you really like!

Sometimes it happens to run into a board game, which by its very structure is more a game system than a simple game. Think titles Memoir’44, Commands & Colors, Runebound or Magestorm (unlucky Magestorm story seems to be ended together with Nexus). These games, I think, are designed with the idea and the possibility to be extended, expanded, enlarged.

Obviously when and how depends on many factors, not least the success of the basic game and the fortune of the publisher. Mage Knight jumped in the BGG top 30, ranked 3 in the thematic games special rank and WizKids seems to be a quite solid company so I hope the game will be probed to its full potential.

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