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BGG News: news from Italy

It is now online a new article for the “News from Italy” series on BGG.

Here the final part of the article with a few “two cent” remarks about the titles on this list and the Italian market in general:

• Simone Luciani had three different games released in 2012 from three different publishers: Sheepland, Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar and Urbania, with Daniele Tascini being co-author of the first two titles. He also took first and second place in the 2012 Archimede Prize for best unpublished games. Perhaps we’re looking at the rise of a new star?

Samurai Sword

(English) Samurai Sword Preview (BGG News)

(English) As part of the celebration for the tenth anniversary of the card game Bang!, designer Emiliano Sciarra and publisher dV Giochi will bring to Spiel 2012 the first non-Bang! game from the famous designer: Samurai Sword.

Looking at an advance copy of the rules of Samurai Sword from dV Giochi, I found a lot of the mechanisms and distinctive features that make Bang! so famous – hidden roles, easy rules, different characters, and fighting – with all of this being much more condensed in a deck of 120 cards.

Of course we are now no longer in the Old West, but rather in the age of the Samurai. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a secret role card: Shogun, Samurai, Ninja or Ronin. As with Bang!, the number of cards for each role varies depending on the number of players. I’m quite sure that the game has its light shine brightest with 5-7 players. Continua


(English) News from Italy: Yummell, Magnifico for Tablet, GetGamers App, & Rüdiger Dorn in ILSA [BGG News]

(English) A new round-up of news from Italy! Some news from Italian companies – such as Ares Games and dV Giochi – has already been covered in this space, so I’m going for something really new.

DaS Production: Yummell

DaS Production, an old Italian company from Florence, has announced the September 2012 release of Yummell, a game about fantasy races racing in the ironic fantasy world of Kfoorp, which was created and illustrated by Paolo Chiari, also known as Quercelfo (which in Italian means something like “Oak Elf”).

Yummell, designed by Alessandro Ivanoff and Massimo Chiari, includes eight different fantasy races, and each player has a different character to use and a special random advantage. To win the race, you need to run, fly, or use magical powers – or perhaps a mix of all three. Continua

BGG News: 011

Today I’m going to talk about 011, a new project from Scribabs designed by Marco “Iz” Valtriani. Soon some notes from MArco himself Paolo Vallerga has released a number of games through his own company Scribabs that pay as much … Continua