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Playful Thoughts: Catacombs

Even if it is Saturday morning I’m in fron of tmycomputer. For the first year since they were born my two children are both at school on Saturdays and my wife is working too and then I got four hours of unexpected free time … I then decided to write some articles and reviews and on my list of things to do there are some review for ILSA Magazine on dexterity games and I’m faced with Catacombs!

For those who do not know it yet Catacombs is a beautiful game of exploration and fighting in caves where the characters have to explore rooms full of monsters trying to prevent them from reaching the ultimate goal. It does not seem anything particularly original or innovative, if we neglect the fact that the characters and monsters are represented by wooden disks that are “flicked” and all the rules of the game are built around this great and simple mechanic: the fireball is a small disk while the spell shield is a nice great wooden disk that stands between the wizard and his opponents.

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