Games and Life

A place where think about games like philosopher are used to do, starting from my real Manifesto: Turning keft after Broadwalk

How many times have you started walking along Meditteranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue, darting in front of the blue then turn right onto St. Charles Palace and right again after the free parking straight until Malvin Gardens, then passing the prison and take the luxurious way leading to Boardwalk and then right again … and Go! … and so, always the same streets, the same game since you were born.

Pearls of Wisdom

Short sentences about games I found reading rules, books, interviews, articles. From famous designers, writers, scientist, gamers or just common peoples.

Something like this from George Bernard Shaw

We don’t stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing

Seven games for …

Where speaking from my seat, proud of my knowledge, I’ll blurt out hints and advices. Seven games for each opportunity. Something like Seven games for … 4-5 years old kids