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(Italiano) Il Bello del Brutto

(Italiano) Giochi esaminati: Micro Monsters, King of Tokyo

Nell’episodio di domenica 3 Febbraio de “Il riposo del Guerriero“, Stefano Gallarini mi ha invitato a dare qualche consiglio ludico su giochi. Il tema della trasmissione era il Bello del Brutto.

Ho deciso allora di presentare due giochi secondo me molto divertenti e belli che hanno come protagonisti dei mostri. Continue


(Italiano) Gioco e memoria

(Italiano) Giochi esaminati: Zicke Zacke Spenna il Pollo, Sherlock, Bonbons, Shadow Over Chamelot Gioco di Carte

Nell’episodio di domenica 27 de “Il riposo del Guerriero“, Stefano Gallarini mi ha invitato a dare qualche consiglio ludico su giochi che hanno a che fare con la memoria. Ovviamente mi sono concentrato sui giochi da bambini perché la maggior parte dei giochi di memoria interessano loro, con qualche rara eccezione.

Rispetto a quelli suggeriti in trasmissione qualche consiglio in più che mi possono concedere grazie al fatto che in questo mio blog posso occupare tutto lo spazio che voglio.


(Italiano) Pensieri Ludici: Buon Natale e …

(Italiano) Buon Natale a tutti. In queste geiornate di vacanze e giochi mi è capitato spesso di parlare con amici e conoscenti di giochi e di passioni e più volte mi sono imbattutto nella frase “A me non piacciono i giochi di società“. Posizione rispettabile che, ovviamente, non condivido.

Poi però ci ho pensato su e mi sono detto: non capita quasi mai di sentire uno che dice “non mi piacciono i film” o “non piace la musica” o “non mi piace leggere” solo perchè ha visto/ascoltato/letto 2-3 libri che non gli sono piaciuti.


(Italiano) Pensieri Ludici: mappa luoghi ludici LEGO Games

(Italiano) In questi giorni sto riguardando alcuni aspetti della mia collaborazione con LEGO degli ultimi due anni: una delle cose secondo me migliori è stata quella di creare un rapporto tra LEGO e le associazioni ludiche del territorio. Ho sempre ritenuto importante e fondamentale il ruolo delle associazioni nello sviluppo della cultura ludica e della conoscenza dei giochi da tavolo e mi ha fatto davvero piacere constatare che una azienda grande ed importante come LEGO abbia capito questo e ci abbia investito.

I giochi da tavolo, anche quelli più semplici, sono un prodotto che va spiegato al pubblico e fatto conoscere e le associazioni, le ludoteche, gli appassionati sono certamente un tassello fondamentale che si deve affiancare agli altri veicoli promozionali e a gli eventi nei negozi per permettere ai giochi da tavolo davvero di decollare. Spero che nel tempo altre ditte del nostro settore capiscano che la collaborazione attiva, continua, con le associazioni di giocatori è un investimento.


Playful Thoughts: too much games’ knowledge

Sometimes could be a problem too much games knowledge ? I often wonder, when I think of my children, that may know Le Havre, Zolloretto or Rumble in the Dungeon but have never played Risk or do not know Trump and Scopa.

When talking about games with other children probably they have a strange feeling to know much more, but to feel, at the same time ignorant. Perhaps a “revision of the classic” would be appropriate, but frankly sat down to play Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Rummy not stimulate me how to read and try Robinson Crusoe, Al Rashid or one of the other new Essen releases.

Giochi Essen

(Italiano) Pensieri Ludici: la prima serata di gioco dopo Essen

(Italiano) Stasera ci sarà la mia prima vera serata di gioco dopo Essen.

Sono davvero tanti i titoli che mi sono portato a casa dalla germania (circa 40kg di giochi) e molti non sono ancora riuscito a provarli. Anche se riuscissi a giocarne 4 a settimana non riuscirei a giocarli tutti prima di natale e nel frattempo so che ne comprerò degli altri: come fare ?

Playfull Thoughts: Essen Spiele Fair

I am preparing our suitcases for the Essen Games Fier, where I will be from Thursday to Saturday to be captured and overwhelmed by the huge amount of new games. Over 800 exhibitors with over 800 new games offered and the certainty of not being able even to scratch the surface of this huge mountain of news.

My two suitcases (mine and that of my daughter, which also this year will accompany me on this adventure) are totally inadequate to contain only the summary of the summary of what I want to buy … not to mention that Catherine will want to buy something too!


Plauful Thoughts: Libertalia

This week is coming to the end. Last night at Club TreEmme was a night game: after starting a 1969‘s table I played Swordfish with two friends while on the table close to us was in scene Republic of Rome.

After Swordfish, which I will definitely details next week, we played a 6 players game of Libertalia. Playing it I immediately came to mind the many similarities with 7 Wonders, one of the most successful games of recent years and I asked if Libertalia will have the same success and more importantly, what are the ingredients for the success of a game?


Playful Thoughts: Floid

Today is that special day when every month I give myself the small luxury of going to the barber to shave me fixing my goatee. A cheap luxury but offering great satisfaction. This ritual always ends with a past of Floid aftershave , the classic aftershave that for decades dominated the shelves of every barber and unsurpassed classic at the same time.

Then I paused to reflect once again on which “classic” games are really still valid and which continue to have a market only because of the lack of a wide-spread games culture in our society.


Playful Thoughts: Catacombs

Even if it is Saturday morning I’m in fron of tmycomputer. For the first year since they were born my two children are both at school on Saturdays and my wife is working too and then I got four hours of unexpected free time … I then decided to write some articles and reviews and on my list of things to do there are some review for ILSA Magazine on dexterity games and I’m faced with Catacombs!

For those who do not know it yet Catacombs is a beautiful game of exploration and fighting in caves where the characters have to explore rooms full of monsters trying to prevent them from reaching the ultimate goal. It does not seem anything particularly original or innovative, if we neglect the fact that the characters and monsters are represented by wooden disks that are “flicked” and all the rules of the game are built around this great and simple mechanic: the fireball is a small disk while the spell shield is a nice great wooden disk that stands between the wizard and his opponents.

Alien Frontiers Factions

Playful Thoughts: Alien Frontiers Factions

Today my playful thoughts start from Factions, the new Alien Frontiers’s expansion. The publisher has kindly sent me a preview copy and I have already been able to play at Club TreEmmme. It connects to my thought yesterday because even here we speak of colonization: no more the moon but the planet Maxwell.

Alien Frontiers, which I have already written a lot about, was one of the first games to be released in June 2010, through and so its expansion, Factions, which will also be available at Essen this year. In short I can say that the expansion adds two major changes to the simple but effective dynamic of the game (launch my ships – dice, place in various areas of the map to gather resources – minerals and solar energy – to build colonies on the planet. The first change are the Factions cards: each player plays the role of a faction that has a special ability and an area where the ships of all players can land to perform another special action. The second addition are the Agendas, specific secrets goals that every player can reach during the game or at the end of the game.


Playful Thoughts: 1969

I want to start to riserv a space, I hope daily, for brief reflections on the world of the games, born from the impressions arising from a play, reading some rules or something online. I will call this space “Playful Thoughts” … who knows where it will lead me.

Today my thoughts start from 1969, the new game from the Cranio Creations on the great epic of the conquest of the moon.

Reading the rules and playing my first game yesterday (I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy with a timing really sci-fi!), I immediately jumped to the eye as the theme of the conquest of the Moon is not a very popular theme: something that has captured the world’s attention almost obsessively for several decades now is almost forgotten. I know no games about the topic apart from the no more published Lunar Command of the LEGO Games series. I wonder, however, whether the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, will bring a new era of interest. Maybe the guys in the Cranio Creations, always spectacular in their exhibitions, in Essen and then Lucca will offer a memory of the legendary astronaut with sympathy!