Euphoria on Gamers Alliance Report Spring 2014 Issue

My review of Euphoria was just published on the Spring 2014 issue of Gamers Alliance Report, probably the most followed and known board games magazine in US.

Are more than 4500 backers and more than $300,000 pledged enough to say that Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone, a good game? I got Jamey Stegmaier’s Viticulture and I was well impressed by its core mechanics but not satisfied about balancing so I was a little worried about Euphoria. The rules seemed good and solid but, of course, you can’t really judge a meal by the recipe, you need to test it. So, after several session, can I say Euphoria is “well cooked”? In this review, I’ll try to point out the strong points and weaknesses of this game.

You find yourself in a dystopian cityscape with a few workers at your disposal to make your mark on the world. Like most people in dystopian fiction, your workers are oblivious to their situation. This world is all they’ve ever known, and you may use them at your whim.

Euphoria is a Euro Game with a theme: players are leaders in the future trying to use their workers best, making the right alliance and contributing to the construction of new markets to get as much authority as possible in the society. There are four factions in the game: Euphorian (people living in Euphoria town), Westerlands (farming fields outside the town), Subterrean (working on water extracting machine in the underground) and Icarites (living in the clouds harvesting bliss). I don’t really know if the theme was pasted on or if it was there since the beginning but you really feel it and that was the first thumbs up! Euphoria is a resources management game with a worker placement core mechanic and the dice are the workers. What a worker can do is sometimes determined by how it is rolled. I don’t know if this is a really innovative idea but I really like it and it works. By using your workers, you get commodities that later you can convert into resources and/or artifacts and finally use to score points. To win the game you need to score 10 points placing your authority tokens on the map.

Read the full review on Gamers Alliace Report

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