A new way to review games ?

Hello everyone, it is now almost 20 years that I write and read reviews of games and I have gained some experience in the field. Fortunately, however, you never stop to learn and try to improve.

One thing for sure is that there isn’t a unique solution suitable for all games and for all readers. A curious or not expert will look in (especially) an explanation of the mechanics of the game while the expert will prefer to read directly the rules and will look especially the comments.

In addition to the usual reviews and articles for non expert I would start to write some reviews, addressed especially to experienced players, which without getting lost in the description of the mechanics go directly to highlight the pros and cons of the game, what hit me and what disappointed me, what makes a game special or trivial.

I tend to read lengthy reviews by jumping into practice most of what is written to arrive at conclusions, comments, to the fateful “I liked/did not likd the game” and I found that many other players and industry experts do the same thing.

Then I will start this new way of doing reviews right from this: I liked or did not liked the game ? A few lines to describe how the game runs and then off, comments and opinions on the various aspects of the game.

I do not think I had inventedsomething new and in fact I am sure that others before me have already gone down this road: I always read with pleasure, for example, the brief comments of Larry Levy, partner in the International Gamers Awards jury and Opinionated Gamers, that have precisely this structure.

Good game to all and see you soon for the first of my reviews for experienced players

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