International Gamers Awards: duties of the committee

Today was the last day to send my vote for the award of ‘International Gamers Awards. I am a member of the jury for many years next to really big names in the world of the game, every year trying to complete my task with commitment as a juror.

During the preliminary stages (mainly from Essen onwards), like much of the other judges, the work of sworn consists mainly of an exchange of impressions/comments on the games played, trying to attract the attention of the other jurors on those titles that struck us in particular. Since I was the only Italian member I am committed in particular to ensure that the games of value produced in Italy do not pass unnoticed too, although I must say that in recent years the consideration, at an international level, Italian authors and publishers has increased considerably It is unlikely that our products of quality are not yet appreciated and noticed by other colleagues.

This year the choice was not easy. I was asked to compile a list of 5 titles for 2-players section, 2 of which indicated preferentially, and as many as 10 games in the multi-player, with up to 5 titles listed preferentially.

For 2-players category I have not had particular difficulty, as there were, in my opinion, 3-4 very interesting titles and other still of value. It has been much more challenging to draw up a list of 10 titles for the multy-player section where there have been, in my opinion, 2-3 really outstantig titles and many other high-average that forced me to choices certainly not easy. In the months preceding the vote together with my fellow jurors we build a database of interesting titles. Rarely turns up nominations that has not been previously shared.

Even for us it is always interesting the communication of the nominated lists because it happens, sometimes, that are appointed games that some jurors have not yet played, which often forces us to an August tight matches evaluation.

See you then with the list of 10 titles for the multi-player section and 5 titles for 2-players.

Good play

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