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Game of bid and worker placement with a solid mechanic.
Workers are used also for the bid (they are the “money” of the game). Every player start with just a village home tile and during the game will increase his own village with tiles won in the auction.
Every tile has an associated action and some tiles score victory points in the end.

Worker used for the auctions and for actions on not owned village’s tiles are lost but all the workers on tiles in your own village are taken for the next turn.

In a season on and around the same tile are allowed workers of just one single color: the firt player playing on a tile will decide the color for all other players.

There is a lot more in the game like resources production and tiles upgrades but, in my opinion, the reals strength of the game is in this mixes auction/woerker placement using workers as currency. Worker are of 4 different colors: 3 available for all the pkayers and one color that came in play thanks to some special tile’s effect.

The game plays well and just in the last season the game slow down because are in play tiles offering victory points according to the resources owned ,,,and it is not easy!

Nice game that wisely mix auctions and workers placement. A sure hit for gamers looking for something with almost no randomness and a lot of planning.

AutoreSebastian Bleasdale, Richard Breese
IllustratoreJuliet Breese, Jo Breese, Gemma Tegelaers
EditoreR&D Games, Czacha Games, Ediciones MasQueOca, Fabrika Igr, FoxMind, Game Harbor, Game Salute, Gigamic, HUCH!, Quined Games, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
Anno di pubblicazione2012
Numero di giocatori2 - 6
A partire da12 and up
Dipendenza dalla LinguaNo necessary in-game text
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