BGG News: news from Italy

It is now online a new article for the “News from Italy” series on BGG.

Here the final part of the article with a few “two cent” remarks about the titles on this list and the Italian market in general:

• Simone Luciani had three different games released in 2012 from three different publishers: Sheepland, Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar and Urbania, with Daniele Tascini being co-author of the first two titles. He also took first and second place in the 2012 Archimede Prize for best unpublished games. Perhaps we’re looking at the rise of a new star?

• Spiel 2012 marked the first time that Angelo Porazzi Games has missed going to Essen in the last nine years, but it also marked the re-emergence of Emanuele Ornella under his Mind the Move label.

• Italian publishers such as Giochi Uniti, Ghenos Games and Cranio Creations are now both producing their own games and making localizations.

• Libertalia, which Asmodee debuted at Gen Con 2012 in the U.S., is the first game developed by Asterion Press, a great new Italian publisher.

• Cranio Creations will release three new games in 2012 and only one will be a party game!

• Bang! marks its tenth anniversary in 2012, and designer Emiliano Sciarra celebrates the birthday of his “kid” with a new game: Samurai Sword.

• In 2012, for the first time in many years, Ghenos Games will not release a sports-based game – unless, of course, you consider swordfish fishing a sport!

• Small companies, floating close to self-publishing, are still there with great new titles from Albe Pavo and Placentia Games.

• Some Italian companies – such as Ares Games, Yemaia, What’s Your Game? and Mind the Move – are actually more international than Italian and sometimes they don’t include Italian rules in their games!

• Some titles first released in Italy are now going international, a reverse of the usual pattern. What does it mean?

• Many Italian publishers nowadays are releasing games in partnership with other publishers.

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