Playfull Thoughts: Essen Spiele Fair

I am preparing our suitcases for the Essen Games Fier, where I will be from Thursday to Saturday to be captured and overwhelmed by the huge amount of new games. Over 800 exhibitors with over 800 new games offered and the certainty of not being able even to scratch the surface of this huge mountain of news.

My two suitcases (mine and that of my daughter, which also this year will accompany me on this adventure) are totally inadequate to contain only the summary of the summary of what I want to buy … not to mention that Catherine will want to buy something too!

I’m in Essen as a journalist, and I have to say that the access to the press room and the other benefits are really a pleasure, but I have the impression that the real journalist is Caterina, since now she is the expert forTopolino (Micky Mouse) magazine that is on newsstands today with its second episode, dedicated to Lupus in Tabula.

Few events to attend: the International Gamers Awards ceremony at 14:00 Friday, where as usual I’ll present balsamic vinegar to the winners, and many publishers where to go to buy the latest games already preordered.

I will be back in the next days with my report “Father of the Masse” on

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