Playful Thoughts: LEGO’s Christmas

Since from 2010 I’m collaborating with LEGO Italia today I was so luck to be invited at Momdadori edition to the annual presentation of the LEGO’s newelties for christmas.

My attention, of course, was for the LEGO Games news: The Hobbit and HEROICA: Ilrion

but I have also let my eyes” on much more classical products.

I’m always surprised by the effects LEGO has on people of different ages an tastes and discover how almost everyone has LEGO
in his past (or present)

Thinking to my daughter Caterina I took a look to the “Herthlake’s stables” from LEGO Friends

Francsco, I’m sure, will lile the new Police Station

or the new Camper Van T1

The days finishe with a nice meeting … a new Friend!

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