Plauful Thoughts: Libertalia

 This week is coming to the end. Last night at Club TreEmme was a night game: after starting a 1969‘s table I played Swordfish with two friends while on the table close to us was in scene Republic of Rome.

After Swordfish, which I will definitely details next week, we played a 6 players game of Libertalia. Playing it I immediately came to mind the many similarities with 7 Wonders, one of the most successful games of recent years and I asked if Libertalia will have the same success and more importantly, what are the ingredients for the success of a game?

Starting at the bottom tells me that the ingredients of a successful game, fortunately, are from time to time different: there is no recipe for success but surely the approach to the market in terms of communication and advertising has its effect. The launch of 7 Wonders was very special: a limited edition of 777 copies going sold out in pre-order with a tam-tam on opinion sites really impressive. Fortunately, the game then had the characteristics to take advantage of this launch and establish itself as a successful game.

What are this characteristics? A game mechanism, on the whole, pretty simple. A relatively quick setup and not too long duration that allows you to play multiple times in the same evening. Some type of interaction with other players, whether direct or indirect, which deny the estabilishment of one winning strategy but requires to adapt to what is happening at the table. A good scalability and the possibility to play also in many (even up to 7 players). A strategy game but not too brainy that can satisfy both the gamers that the casual player.

When I think back to Libertalia, which is a game that I like very much, I find many of these features: scalability, short, game mechanics simple but a lot of interaction between players, the whole setup is not too long. If you add to this that both games are essentially card games in a “deluxe” edition with cardboard material also. Libertalia has the same potential of 7 Wonders? I do not know, but it certainly has not attracted the same expectations of 7 Wonders and the same excitement in the gaming community … we’ll see how it will come out from the competition with the other Essen’s nowely.

Good play and good weekend

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