Playful Thoughts: Floid

 Today is that special day when every month I give myself the small luxury of going to the barber to shave me fixing my goatee. A cheap luxury but offering great satisfaction. This ritual always ends with a past of Floid aftershave , the classic aftershave that for decades dominated the shelves of every barber and unsurpassed classic at the same time.

Then I paused to reflect once again on which “classic” games are really still valid and which continue to have a market only because of the lack of a wide-spread games culture in our society.

How I feel about this topic is clearly shown in my Manifesto, but I have to admit that in the fast-paced succession of new releases there are actually some games that are now true classics and I play and replay always happily. What is the lifespan of a modern board game on the table of a gamers ? And for many years instead a family of casual gamers can play the same game before going to look for something else? I am convinced that much for gamers as well as for a more casual a good game is for ever, that means I believe a good game can be played easily with satisfaction 5-10 times a year and never get to boredom.

If I look at my best shelf (the one in plain sight where I keep most played games), it has great new releases like Village, Libertalia, Ora et Labora but also some games that have become true classics for me. Some are true best-sellers, others less known. Here is a partial list of games that play on a regular basis for years and I am convinced that I will continue to play for years to come: Blue Moon City, Tribunus, Yspahan, Settlers of Catan, Zooloretto, Nefertiti, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, Master Gallery, Dobble, 7 Wonders, Sun & Sea Sands, Kingsburg …

Good play to all

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