Playful Thoughts: 1969

I want to start to riserv a space, I hope daily, for brief reflections on the world of the games, born from the impressions arising from a play, reading some rules or something online. I will call this space “Playful Thoughts” … who knows where it will lead me.

Today my thoughts start from 1969, the new game from the Cranio Creations on the great epic of the conquest of the moon.

Reading the rules and playing my first game yesterday (I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy with a timing really sci-fi!), I immediately jumped to the eye as the theme of the conquest of the Moon is not a very popular theme: something that has captured the world’s attention almost obsessively for several decades now is almost forgotten. I know no games about the topic apart from the no more published Lunar Command of the LEGO Games series. I wonder, however, whether the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, will bring a new era of interest. Maybe the guys in the Cranio Creations, always spectacular in their exhibitions, in Essen and then Lucca will offer a memory of the legendary astronaut with sympathy!

Then I stopped to think what is the boundary between production and self-production in a games market where access to materials and high printing quality is becoming more prevalent. Cranio Creations was born only a few years ago producing / self-producing Horse Fever, already with quality (print, materials and rules) of a real publishing house. In the few years of life, the quality of their products is further increased and this year they also published a game, Sheepland, created by authors outside the circle of the publishing house as well as import and distribute in Italy games from other publishers. Publishers or self-producers? It makes sense to continue to make this distinction to modern times? Think of the Treefrog, which only produces Wallace’s Games, or Irongames by Bernd Eisestein or Cwali Games of Cornel van Morsel or Frank & Dorra. What are they? Publishers? Power producers?

good play

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