Earthquake …

I do not know if in these days I will be able to write about games … Unfortunately what is happening in my Modena, in the couuntryside near the town (Where did my wife grew up and where my father in law still live with grandmother Agnese) is really impressive. The earth never stands still and the thing that puts more anguish together with the images of the lives, homes, factories destroyed is not knowing what to expect, what to expect.

There isn’t something bad to overcome, to be left behind to rebuild, we can not say “it was hard but we made it.” There is something that is still there, outside, big, too big, and shatters everything moving. People are afraid because no one knows exactly when and where there will be another shock, when, how big. Modena city was marginally affected. I think of my father in law, and many seniors like him, who nonetheless did not want to leave their village, their homes. I think people in hospital, young children.

They say that this is an anomalous earthquake: looking at the map of the faults beneath the rugged plains seems the opposite of a war where you do not know which side, when and with what strength the enemy attack and in any case you have nothing to tackle it. I do not understand anything but it seems that few really understand something. The bulletin of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reports shook nearly every 10 minutes … one here, one there, scattered around the plain. Every time we hear some more big even here in town. I think people in the camps and tent cities set up where each shock is a witnessing of some piece of home or building collapsing.

It seems a bad game where luck dominates not know what to do, you do not know what happens but you have to continue the game. You can not put away the box and do something else. And then we must also think to the children: we will organize a game session tonight (tomorrow schools and universities are closed), hoping to not have to run out. Fortunate to still be able to run if needed when many people does not have more an house or a place to stay without mention peoples are not with us anymore.

Images, feelings, fears that you have to drive back in and make it seem like everything is normal, under control, not to throw in the anguish others and childrens while something turns and moves under our plain …

best wishes

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