The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #19 – Donald X. Vaccarino

I’m going close to the 20th interview but, luckly, there are still interesting designers to interview. Today I’m gone to interview Donald X Vaccarino, mostly know for his Dominion series but with a design history going back in the end of the last century. Donald X brings to my attention the fact that games are not only theme and mechanic, but also data “I think of games as having three main pieces: mechanics, flavor, and data. And usually I make them in that order. The mechanics are, you know, what you do, the main part of it anyway. Flavor is the theme. And then data is just the information in the game.”. During the interview we discussed about the meaning of art and Donald X cited Frank Zappa “art is what’s in the frame”. Now I think it is time to go on with the interview.

[Liga] Dear Donald, with this series of interviews I’m trying to explore the world of game designers with the idea that designing games is a form of art, no more or less than writing books or casting movies. Of course the boundary within art and craftsmanship is usually thin and some designers prefers to describe as good craftsman instead of artist. What we try to do together is, looking through your production, to find your style, your special sign … common traits in your games.

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