The Art of Design: interviews to game designers #18 – Andrea Chiarvesio

This time it was less than a month from my last interview and I’m also working on 3-4 more interviews. Of course the number of designers working on the game market since long time willing to be interviewed is not so huge and I’m starting to have problems finding new victims for my pencil. Of course Italians are much more easy for me to find and they have less possibility to avoid my long-winded curiosity. So, today I’m going to present you Andrea Chiarvesio, a really talented Italian designer that captured world-wide attention in 2007 with Kingsburg release but that was working in the game world long time before.

Chiarvesio is not a real pure German designer but he told us that usually the mechanic is his starting point. He also told us he puts a lot of effort in “schematizing” and “streamlining” finally stating his ambitious motto: “Easy to learn, difficult to master”.

I hope you got enough to be interested in the proceding of this interview. Have a nice read.

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