Ascending Empires on Gamers Alliance Report Spring 2012 Issue

It is now online my review of Ascending Empires, the Z-man space, the Ian Cooper game that combine strategic/tactical rules with finger flicking.

Sci-fi is one of the great gold veins where designers and publishers dig out endless games. In the last years I was impressed by many good titles. Eclipse, Race for the Galaxy, Battlestar Galactica, Earth Reborn, Claustrophobia, Galaxy Trucker, Alien Frontiers are all in the BGG top 100 joined by a new edition of Dune (renamed REX), Nexus Ops, Cosmic Encounters, the long awaited Merchant of Venus and the never ending Twilght Imperium. Finally, there are other titles of great success but with a narrower audience like High Frontier, Eminent Domain (also reviewed this issue), Space Empire 4X, Sector 41 and Ascending Empires, the game I’m going to review today.

Ascending Empires, as designed by Ian Cooper, is a particular game that combines strategic/tactical rules with dexterity – finger flicking to clarify. Of course, the master of thegenre is Crockinole (ranked 34 in BGG’s top list). Pitch Car and Catacombs are racing and fantasy interpretations; Ascending Empires brings the genre into space!

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