Italians at Essen Messe

I remember the first time I was in Essen, many years ago. The fair was really smaller than now and not so many foreign publishers (foreign means non German) were there. Italians, both publishers and gamers, were isolated. StudioGiochi, with Leo Colovini, dV Giochi (actually DaVinci) and few others. I remember Emanuele Ornella first debut with Fantasy Pub and the first time for Angelo Porazzi, with me in an epic travel across the alpes with the caravan full of Angelo boxes. Mik Svellov Brett’n Board was one of the fews lights for english speaking in the darkness of great number of German publishing available only in German and, It seems impossible nowdays, BGG was just moving the first steps.

It seems I’m talking of other ages but it was just less then 10 years ago …

Now, walking along the halls, it happens to me often to listen Italians gamers speaking about the novelty and almost all Italian publishers attend the fair as long time veterans. Almost all publishers are releasing English version of the rules and, anyway, it seems a deadly sin produce a game with language dependant components. Non German companies are now much more than German ones and the game world has now border that extend far away from the black forest.

I’m just gone to ask a short comment about the fair to all Italians publishers I was able to contact (for Italians publishers the post Essen is always really busy since few days after there is Lucca Comics & Games, Italian greatest event alongside PLAY: The Games Festival, that, luckily, it is in March).

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